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30-Day Challenge

The 30-Day Challenge is an engaging tool that reinforces the principles of a chosen Profile Assessment and provides on-going application challenges.  This interactive experience can be used as a stand alone for individuals or as a collaborative tool for team members providing a daily challenge that takes 1-2 minutes to complete.  A friendly competition can be incorporated to track progress of the team and provide motivation for team members to engage in the daily challenges.  A leader board tracks progress of each team member during the 30-Day Challenge period.  

It’s proven that to effectively shift behaviors, we must work at it for 30 days.  The 30-Challenge is designed to increase your return on investment of chosen Profile Assessments.

Profile Assessments offers the additional opportunity to customize the 30-Day Challenge for your teams.  This provides the opportunity to incorporate key concepts and company specific language within the chosen Assessment Challenges.  We provide the foundation of the challenge and then work with you to customize the challenges.  It does not require a great deal of time on your part as we handle all the behind the scenes technology and implementation.

Sample Questions:

There are many types of challenges that can be included in the 30-Day Challenge.  We have provided a short sampling of formats as examples below.  

Multiple Choice
There is only one right answer.  However, players can keep trying until they get the right answer.  The number of attempts determines the points earned.

    People on the bottom half of the DiSC Model tend to be more _________:

a)    reserved
b)    people-oriented
c)    task-oriented
d)    active

Assessment Question
Assessment questions measure how team members are applying key tools and strategies. Each answer has different point values.

How many times have you used the Trigger Exercise to ‘People Read’ today?

a)    None
b)    Once
c)    A Few Times
d)    More than Five Times

Order Challenge
Team members must correctly sort the list of values presented.  Each player can continue trying until they get the correct answer.  Players earn points based on number of attempts to successfully complete the challenge.

What is the order of Priorities for the DiSC Model (starting with D)?

a)    Dependability – Quality  – Competency
b)    Action – Enthusiasm – Relationships
c)    Competency – Results – Action
d)    Relationships – Sincerity – Dependability

Team members must create a checklist of actions that put a principle into action. Points are earned for completing the checklist.

What are three priorities that drive the Emergenetics Analytical Thinker?

Fill in the Blank
Questions that have one true answer and help to recall terms without giving them away.  Points are earned for answering the question correctly.

Structural Thinkers tend to ask questions that start with?  ________________

How does the 30-Day Challenge Work?

The 30-Day Challenge provides team members with challenges each day delivered via an email link or text link.  Challenges typically take a minute or less to complete.  Team results are tracked through a leaderboard to engage the team in a friendly and reinforcing competition.  

Any team can take advantage of the 30-Day Challenge.  Once the full team has completed the chosen Profile Assessment, we will turn on the 30-Day Challenge.  The results are exciting as team members are able to reinforce, apply, and reapply assessment strategies.

What is the Cost of the 30-Day Challenge?

Standard 30-Day Challenge

  • Individual Fee - $ 50
  • Team Member Fee - $ 30 per person (Includes Team Progress Tracking; Leaderboard; and Results Overview per Team Campaign)

Customized 30-Day Challenges - Require a one time fee to develop the Customized 30-Day Challenge and then a per person fee for on-going use.

  • Customization Fee - $ 5000
  • Team Member Fee - $ 30 per person (Includes Team Progress Tracking; Leaderboard; and Results Overview per Team Campaign)