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MBTI® Facilitation in Action Workshop

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MBTI® Profile Delivery Facilitation with Experiential-Based Team Initiatives

The Corporate Teams commitment is to create an environment of learning that is interactive, experiential, combined with dynamic applications that align to the workplace. Our goal is to shift teams to an increased level of communication through trust building, supportive collaboration, and team member accountability.

The MBTI Facilitation in Action Workshop complements the delivery of MBTI Principles. This dynamic and highly engaging program propels participants to the next level of behavioral shifts by putting MBTI® principles into action. A series of intensely collaborative problem solving initiatives test the best of teams in the areas of: strategy; innovation; analysis of alternatives; execution; process improvement; and time management while under the simulated pressure of time. Sounds a bit like the day-to-day workplace? That's the intent!

Consider this as an example: You can teach a team of individuals how to successfully ride a bicycle. Discussion and diagrams will demonstrate what to do and how to do it. They will understand where to put their hands, feet, and how to balance. But do participants really know how to ride a bike at the end of the day? Absolutely not! It is only by getting onto the bike that the real learning happens. It is important to feel the balance of how all the working pieces come together. They must know what it feels like to fall off the bike before the real learning begins.

This is the cornerstone of the MBTI Facilitation in Action Workshop. A full range of experiential activities is outlined into a fully integrated agenda that incorporates the principles of MBTI with intensely collaborative, strategic, and dynamic activities. Participants are able to try on the MBTI behaviors and practice shifting MBTI® style’ to those of other team members. This powerful experience enhances the delivery of the MBTI program and provides participants with an effective method of engaging with different MBTI styles.


MBTI Facilitation in Action Principles

The MBTI Facilitation in Action Workshop is based upon MBTI Principles providing team members valuable insights that include actionable areas of development:

  • What priorities shape your workplace experience and drives performance?
  • What motivates you at work?
  • How do you deal with stress in the workplace? How does your MBTI style interact with each of the other MBTI styles?
  • What makes people 'tick' within each MBTI style?
  • How can you increase communication effectiveness with team members in each MBTI style area?
  • How can you problem solve more effectively across different MBTI styles?
  • How do you deal with conflict across different MBTI styles?

Using experiential learning as a cornerstone of the Corporate Teams team building model, individuals are able to 'experience and modify behaviors' to improve performance and enhance team communications. This is what Corporate Teams does best. The MBTI Facilitation in Action Workshop gets your team on the bike by balancing classroom learning with actual experience.

Engaging in a series of experiential activities, teams will develop a hands-on working knowledge of how individual preferences influence team goals. Under the pressure of time, teams must develop an effective strategy, deploy resources efficiently, and implement a solution to achieve success. These lessons are then aligned to the current challenges of the workplace. An action based working plan provides teams with concrete steps for immediate implementation back at the office.

Benefits of the MBTI Facilitation in Action Experiential Program

  • Provides team member feedback in the areas of: communicating, directing, and influencing others
  • Increases understanding of what decision making behaviors would be most effective across different MBTI® styles
  • Develops strategies for what motivates team members to seek a higher level of performance
  • Identifies and acknowledges the unique contributions of all team members
  • Increases the effectiveness of problem-solving and decision making by helping individuals to understand different work styles and preferences
  • Provides a framework to build and maintain balanced, high-energy teams Identifies effective methods to resolve conflict across differing work style


  • Please contact us for custom pricing.
  • Travel & Expenses for one facilitator will be added if travel is required.

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