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Learn About DiSC

Everyone can benefit from increasing awareness of behaviors that drive communication and connection.  Wiley Everything DiSC assessments provide the opportunity to gain insight into how individuals communicate, make decisions, handle conflict, solve problems, manage stress, lead or manage, etc.  DiSC feedback helps individuals, teams and leaders to gain an appreciation of how to leverage valuable strengths and manage challenge areas.

The DiSC model is easy-to-use yet very powerful in providing positive impact by developing communication effectiveness.  There are no bad or good DiSC styles.  The goal is to build a bridge between DiSC styles and flex to the middle of the DiSC model to drive understanding, clarity, and commitment.

Identify DiSC Styles - People Reading Process

Once you are familiar with the DiSC styles, using the People Reading Process helps you to identify the DiSC styles of others.  Follow this simple strategy in face-to-face interactions and also when communicating by email or on the phone.


Step #1:  Is the person Fast-Paced & Outspoken OR Cautious & Reflective?  This helps us to identify if they fall in the top half or bottom half of the DiSC model.

Step#2:  Is the person Questioning & Skeptical OR Accepting & Warm?  This helps us to identify if the person falls to the left or right side of the model.

Step #3:  The combination of the two answers will lead you to one of the DiSC quadrants of the DiSC model.

Once you have identified the DiSC style of another person, now it's time to put DiSC communication strategies into action!  Adapt your language in a way that lets the other person hear what's important to them.

For example, if the person falls in the D Style, you will want to stick to the big picture, address bottom line results - but include some data points to prove the point, and move through the conversation quickly and efficiently.  With practice, this process becomes easy and effective making conversations more meaningful.

Strategies to Communicate across the DiSC Styles

everything-disc-insight-bubble-no-text-d-style.pngD-Style Strategies:

  • Make efficient use of time
  • Avoid over analysis and instead focus on the big picture
  • Don't take bluntness personally - the D Style is very direct
  • Bold or new ideas are welcome
  • Stick to the topic and don't go off on tangents

everything-disc-insight-bubble-no-text-i-style.pngi-Style Strategies:

  • Be open to collaboration
  • Show them you are open to creative solutions
  • Recognize the value of their energy and enthusiasm
  • Remain optimistic while considering all potential issues

everything-disc-insight-bubble-no-text-c-style.pngC-Style Strategies:

  • Avoid pressuring them for immediate action
  • Expect skepticism
  • Show appreciation for their logic
  • Discuss the details and facts
  • Allow time for careful analysis


everything-disc-insight-bubble-no-text-s-style.pngS-Style Strategies:

  • Show warmth and concern for their feelings
  • Support a collaborative approach
  • Respect their cautious pace
  • Consider other people’s feelings when making decisions
  • Set a timeline that fits everyone’s needs
  • Outline the steps needed to complete the project


















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