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DiSC EPIC Account Center

What is an EPIC Account?

An EPIC (Electronic Profile Information Center) Account is an online platform that provides a simple way to deliver DiSC profiles directly from you to your employee's or clients via the Internet.

EPIC Accounts are easy to manage providing access 24/7. For clients interested in volume purchases, an EPIC account saves money through our corporate pricing schedule. Here are some of the key benefits of an EPIC Account:

  • EPIC Accounts are like a bank account. Credits never expire and DiSC assessments can be issued to employees anytime. 
  • EPIC Accounts save money and increase productivity leaving your team more time to put the principles of DiSC into action.
  • Your EPIC Account provides full administrative control to manage teams, individuals, and groups.
  • DiSC Reports can be branded with your company logo.
  • EPIC Accounts offer supplemental reports not available with paper versions.
  • EPIC Accounts provide a central hub to organize and store results.
  • Our EPIC Account support team provides on-going support and collaboration to ensure you are maximizing the use of DiSC within the company.

Who uses the EPIC Credit Account Center?

Clients who are interested in delivering a quantity of DiSC profiles over an extended period of time or want a high volume of customized profiles will benefit from using an EPIC Credit Account. This online user friendly internet based system allows clients to customize reports with company or organization logos and to manage the complete profile process directly from the powerful Inscape system. Using an EPIC Account, you have on demand access to over 30 DiSC online assessments, group reports, comparison reports, and action planners.

Your EPIC Account is available to you anytime - 24/7 from anywhere you have an internet connection. You can issue access codes via email, generate report and view results from any computer within a secure, password-protected online environment.

EPIC Account Users Save Money and Increases Productivity

EPIC provide you more time to train, mentor or coach. EPIC accounts score and generate profiles and assessments within seconds. From your EPIC account you can also create various facilitator, team and group reports in real-time.

Participants can take their profile as prework for an upcoming program delivery. They can take it any time from anywhere, when they want to, all they need is internet access and they can complete their part in as little as 10-15 minutes. Scoring is automatic and reports are generated instantly. Results can be viewed online or save them as a PDF file.

EPIC is Easy to Use

EPIC has been designed to be very user-friendly with an intuitive approach to using the system. An online Help section is always available, containing flash animated tutorials 24/7. For customers who order 100 EPIC Credits we we will help you through the entire EPIC process and will be available to you for on-going help and coaching on how to best maximize your use of the system.

Your EPIC Account Gives You Full Administrative Control
When you set up a profile for an individual or group, you have the option to determine whether a respondent can view their profile report immediately or have the results available for delivery at a later time. Profiles can be viewed, printed, saved as a PDF file, or emailed.

EPIC Offers Supplemental Reports Not Available in Paper Versions
Computer generated results provide personalized and in-depth feedback that cannot be generated by filling out the paper profiles. These value-added features include: narrative description, gap analysis, group/culture reports, and facilitator reports.

Brand Your Reports with EPIC
EPIC allows you to add your company information and logo to report covers and to the online test form. You have the ability to customize and personalize email content when issuing access codes.

EPIC Accounts Keep Your Results Organized
EPIC provides the opportunity to create folders and sub-folders to organize your reports by client, project, division, team, department, location, or any criteria you want.

What are the Costs and Steps for Setting Up an EPIC Account?

Setting up an EPIC Account is fast and easy. The first step is to purchase an EPIC Account Starter Kit. This will set you up in the system and gain you direct access to the EPIC System. The cost for the EPIC Account Starter Kit is $193.50. A fully detailed Quick Start Guide will be provided to get you up to speed quickly and efficiently.

How Many EPIC Credits are Needed to Generate a Profile or Report?
All DiSC profiles are purchased using credits. Each report requires different credits depending on which report is selected. Customers will initially purchase a number of credits that will be held in your EPIC Account. EPIC credits never expire.

EPIC Credits per Profile:
Everything DiSC Workplace - 15 credits
Everything DiSC Management - 25 credits
Everything DiSC Sales - 25 credits
Everything DiSC Work of Leaders - 25 credits
DiSC Classic 2.0 - 15 credits

Costs to Set Up an EPIC Account:

  • EPIC Account Set-Up Price: $193.50
  • EPIC Account Set-Up with 100 or More EPIC Credits Price: FREE

Costs for EPIC Credits
When ordering 100 or more EPIC Credits with your new EPIC Account, the price for the EPIC Set-UP is FREE. For purchases of 100 or more EPIC Credits we will help you through the entire EPIC process and will be available to you for on-going help and coaching on how to best maximize your use of the system.

If you want to order an access code and don't need an EPIC account at this time, click here for access to Profiles and Assessments.

There are NO annual fees for an EPIC Account. You pay for the EPIC credits you need -- when you need them.

The retail price for EPIC credits is $4.30 per credit.

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