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PXT Select Hiring Assessments™


PXT Select™ Hiring Assessments help organizations to: select, hire, evaluate, coach, onboard and develop their most valuable resource – employees.  

how-does-job-fit-work.pngWhat Are the Benefits of PXT Select?

  • PXT Select is validated every year by the U.S. Dept of Labor achieving the highest rankings for assessment validity.
  • PXT Select measures JOB FIT - the degree of compatibility between an individual’s behavioral characteristics and those required for the specific job role.
  • PXT Select Performance Models have been created through a combination of the US Department of Labor’s ONET database plus hundreds of people who have had successful performance in those positions/
  • The PXT Select includes 13 reports used for selection AND developing employees to perform to their full potential through onboarding, coaching, and leadership and skills development. 

PXT Select Hiring Assessment Measures Job FIT







  • PXT Select is a comprehensive, “full person” assessment, measuring how well an individual fits specific jobs in an organization by assessing their Cognitive Ability, Behavioral Traits, and Interests. 
  • PXT Select provides a scientifically-validated and legally defensible approach to hire, manage, and retain productive employees with confidence.
  • The job-matching feature of the PXT Select assessment enables organizations to evaluate an individual relative to the qualities required to perform a job successfully. It can be used for hiring and selection decisions, including lateral moves, promotions, and succession planning. It’s also a great tool for onboarding, coaching, skills development, and much more.

Corporate Quantity Pricing:

pxt-hiring-assessments-volume-pricing.pngPlans are available for organizations who hire thousands of employees to those that need a reliable hiring tool for a handful of employees.  We customize PXT Select quantity pricing schedules for companies of any size.  Pricing quoted on our website reflects pricing with a personalized debrief.  Please contact us to learn more about PXT Select pricing schedules without debrief services.  Or schedule a call to explore the options.

Purchase a PXT Select Hiring Assessment and Receive 13 PXT Reports


PXT Select Reports: Selection Reports, Participant Reports, and Onboarding/Development Reports

The PXT Select assessment includes 13 total reports at no additional cost. Each employee testing and leadership development assessment includes a coaching session with a Certified PXT Select Coaching Professional.  We offer corporate pricing packages for volume purchases.  Here is a detailed Guide to each report.

Selection Reports

Comprehensive Selection Report

  • Is this employee or candidate a good fit? The PXT Select Comprehensive Selection Report is the most widely used report within the 13 complementary PXT reports. It compares results to the selected PXT Performance Model in the areas of: Thinking Styles, Behavioral Traits, and Interests. A full compilation of scenario-based interview questions is included.

Leadership Report

  • The PXT Leadership Report can be used for selection of individuals for a leadership role, leadership development, and employee testing to evaluation leadership potential. It includes a graphic and narrative representation about a potential leader’s approach to six leadership skills (Creating a Vision, Developing Strategies, Ensuring Results, Inspiring People, Being Approachable, Mentoring Others). Scenario based interview questions are generated based on the candidate's results.

Sales: Comprehensive Selection Report

  • The PXT Sales Comprehensive Selection Report provides valuable feedback for selection in a sales or business development role. Feedback includes evaluation of a candidate across the Sales Performance Model. Eight Critical Sales Practices provide insight into how the candidate may perform in each of the sales stages (Prospecting, Initiating Contact, Building and Maintaining Relationships, Closing the Sale, Self-Starting, Resourcefulness, Coach-ability, Working with a Team). Interview questions are generated to specifically address both challenge areas and strengths.

Multiple Candidates Report

  • Compare multiple candidates for a single position. This report provides side-by-side comparisons of candidates strengths and challenge areas across the PXT Model measures of: Thinking Styles; Behavioral Traits; and Interests.

Multiple Positions Report

  • Best used when an employee or candidate is evaluated across multiple positions/job roles. Which is the best fit? This is a valuable resource when coaching for career advancement.
Onboarding/Development Reports

Coaching Report

  • Includes an individual’s assessment results and coaching tips within a current position. Best used for employee development and coaching. Provides insight into how to manage challenge areas and leverage strengths.

Sales: Coaching Report

  • This report provides an in depth understanding of the individual’s Thinking Style, Behavioral Traits and Interests in relation to the Sales Performance Model. It includes insights into motivation and challenge areas providing a platform for management to coach sales professional for increased performance

Manager-Employee Report

  • Increase communication effectiveness between a manager and employee. Use this report with new employees or further develop relationships with existing employees.

Team Report

  • Leverage the power of your team with the PXT Select Assessment Team Report. Evaluate a new team member's fit on an existing team or use the Team Report to develop team performance. Gain insight into where individuals score across 9 Behavioral Traits.  
Participant Reports

Individual’s Feedback Report

  • Provides personalized feedback to an employee in a narrative format. Outlines an individual’s preferences in the areas of: Thinking Styles; Behavioral Traits; and Interests. Valuable tool for coaching and performance development outside of a specific role.

Sales: Individual’s Feedback Report

  • Provides personalized feedback to an employee in a narrative format. Outlines an individual’s preferences in the areas of: Thinking Styles; Behavioral Traits; and Interests. Valuable tool for coaching and performance development outside of a specific role.

Individual’s Graph

  • A visual snapshot of an employee’s or candidate’s results across the PXT Model ranges of Thinking Styles; Behavioral Traits; and Interests

Performance Model Report

  • Provides the key indicators of success for a specific job role. Using the PXT Model, the performance model illustrates optimal skills for the chosen role in the areas of: Thinking Styles; Behavioral Traits; and Interests.

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