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EmergeneticsThe power behind the Emergenetics® Profile psychometric testing is that it measures patterns of Thinking and Behaving that emerge from your genetic blue-print and life experiences.  Unlike other profiles that merge the patterns into four areas, Emergenetics measures individual preferences over seven attributes.  

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Emergenetics Attributes

Thinking Styles

The four thinking attributes derived from psychometric testing identifies the energy areas that distinguish your personality.  Each of us is a blend of the four Emergenetics thinking styles.  Those that are >23% determine your Emergenetics results.

Analytical Thinking is rational, logical, objective, skeptical, and factual

Structural Thinking is cautious, practical, methodical, and predictable

Social Thinking is connected, sympathetic, intuitive about people, and socially aware

Conceptual Thinking is creative, imaginative, innovative, intuitive about ideas, and visionary

Behavioral Traits

The added dimension of Behavioral Attributes during psychometric testing provides a more accurate assessment of an individual’s communication style.  Rather than stereotype into four Thinking Attribute areas, the Behavioral Attributes describe a continuum of observable behaviors.

Expressiveness is the level of intensity in the display of emotions.  On one end of the continua is a reserved and quiet approach while the other end is outgoing and personable.

Assertiveness demonstrates the pace and style in how you go about driving for results.  Those on the left side of the continue are amiable, easy-going, and passive.  Those on the right side are competitive, driving, and can be perceived as confrontational.

Flexibility is our ability to adapt to change.  Those on the left side of the scale have strong opinions and might be perceived as stubborn.  On the opposite side, you will notice an openness to suggestions and possibility indecisiveness.

Low Cost Emergenetics Assessments

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Key Takeaways of the Emergenetics® Profile

The Emergenetics® approach harnesses a team to communicate more effectively, engage in collaboration, make better decisions, and ultimately increase the connection across the team. This strength based psychometric testing provides insight and understanding of what motivates team member and how strengths augment team efforts.

  • Learn how to create team commitment buy-in
  • Understand how to increase team engagement & motivation
  • Leverage team strengths in problem-solving and decision-making
  • Manage productive conflict with balanced team communications
  • Improve leadership influence and understanding
  • Use the Emergenetics+ App to compare results with colleagues and others

Emergenetics® includes a full suite of on-going learning resources for team members.  The visual representation of Emergenetics® and the easy to understand description of style increases the application of the assessment across the organization.  These additional tools drive continual engagement across the team and provide application-based resources that put principles into action during psychometric testing.

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